Hello, we are Abby & Simona

Simply put — we love, love

Two photographers, one from Georgia and one from Italy, met in Savannah and became quick friends! Together, we jumped into styled shoot planning but quickly realized our passion for travel and wanted to take our photography goals further. And thus Bella Vita Retreats was born!

What does “Bella Vita” mean? Literally, it means the “beautiful life” but more than that, it’s a state of mind! The vision for Bella Vita Retreats is to bring back the excitement in your craft and see the beauty in the world!

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The Hosts

Fun facts about our friendship:

  • We have weekly double dates game nights, and alternate houses!
  • We met because Abby booked Simona for a couple photoshoot
  • Simona cat-sat Abby's two cats for a week and sent her photos of the furbabies everyday

Abby Giles

Cat Mom


Simona Land

Dog Mom